Easterling Law is a very successful family law firm located in the greater Charlotte, NC, area. We are a full-service family law firm, committed to a holistic approach, and have structured our practice to that end. We provide services that account for the whole person, including their emotions, values, and unique family dynamics. We also strive to help clients achieve their specific legal goals in each case while honoring and respecting the dignity and integrity of each client.

We listen intentionally and deeply to gain a complete understanding of each client’s needs; and encourage compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing wherever needed. Whenever possible, we help clients to achieve a non-litigated resolution of any disputes that arise. We work to help clients find opportunities for settlement in the midst of conflict and encourage the use of mediation and collaborative law whenever appropriate.



  • Alexandra
    “Lindsey was the perfect choice in legal advice during my divorce. She listened to my concerns, gave me honest feedback about expectations and best case scenarios, and I left her office feeling calm, prepared, and collected, with a plan in place for what to do next. I would highly recommend her to family, friends, and strangers!”
  • Brittney
    “After over 5 years of struggling to get a divorce, Lindsey managed to get everything finalized in less than 2 months. I found her to be not only very proficient in what she did, but also very caring and personable.”
  • Diane
    “Lindsey has a very natural way of engaging warmly and authentically. She provides a safe and supportive space and truly wants the best for those she serves. Skilled, knowledgeable and well versed in Family Law what stands out is that she operates from a place of honest advice in what’s best for the individual situation – amazingly refreshing perspective! I’ve had the privilege of working with Lindsey professionally and she is now the ONLY Charlotte NC area Family Law Attorney I recommend highly, completely and without reservation. Lindsey provides a level of sincerity, integrity and genuine professional guidance that makes her stand out. I have super high standards and she effortlessly exceeded them. She is a trusted guide, resource and expert I cannot rate highly enough. Anyone who is or will be navigating separation and divorce in Charlotte would be well advised to connect with Lindsey.”
  • Ciara
    “Lindsey is a great attorney that helped me through a unique situation that needed specialized attention. It was very time sensitive and she made herself available via email and text to ensure everything was handled properly with no questions were left unanswered. I felt very comfortable with her and have recommended her to other people in need of a family law attorney.”