Nicole Himebaugh

  • Position :

I have been a part of the Easterling Law team since 2020. I am the Digital Marketing Manager which means I handle all aspects of our social media, as well as our PR. Prior to working at Easterling Law, I had many marketing jobs within an array of industries. Some of which include – hospitality, education, and health care.

While earning my B.Sc. in Business Marketing from Berry College, I entered the Marketing industry to explore my passion for bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. I have always found a passion for problem-solving and getting things to their fullest potential, and if I can do it in creative ways, I’m happier for it.

As a digital marketing content creator, my goal always includes generating content that allows the audience to better connect and understand the company values, with the end goal being to build trust between the consumer and client.

When I’m not keeping busy with Easterling Law, you can find me with a good book, on a walk with a friend, or taking a few-month-stint traveling the world while working (most of the time – doing all three at the same time.)

Education & Experience:

  • 2013-2017 Berry College
  • 2020 Digital Marketing Manager at Easterling Law