Tiffany Bolling

  • Position :

Growing up, I never gave any consideration to becoming an attorney. My path towards litigation (oddly enough) stemmed from my love of European history. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I developed a fascination with the development of law as it relates to historical victims of oppression as well as victims of abuse. Since then, I have dedicated my practice to giving a voice to those who feel they have none. As an associate attorney, I have been lucky enough to assist individuals with a variety of legal issues, ranging from Family Law, including Divorce and Child Custody and Support, to complex Civil Litigation matters. I have also pioneered two niche areas of law in North Carolina: Animal Law and Child Welfare Law. As an advocate for adopted and foster children, I represent foster and adoptive families against child welfare agencies. I also advocate for families and their four-legged family members with a variety of different issues, including “dangerous” dog hearings, Veterinary Malpractice and other civil matters involving animals.

My goal is and has always been to diversify the field of Family Law to include non-traditional families with foster and/or adoptive children, or those with only “furry children.” I am currently living my best life being an advocate for my clients, traveling the world with my wonderful husband, and caring for our furry family of six dogs and one cat. Regardless of whether you prefer a “traditional” or “non-traditional” family, I have extensive litigation experience with a variety of familial issues and will work with you to accomplish your goals so that ultimately your voice is heard.

Education & Experience:

  • 2013-2016 Charlotte School of Law
  • 2008-2012 University of Virgina
  • 2016 North Carolina Bar Member
  • Pioneered two niche areas of law in North Carolina: Animal Law and Child Welfare Law