The Wevorce process helps couples ensure their divorce is less damaging to themselves, their finances and the people they love. Few people learn the ins and outs of divorce before they get married. That’s why Lindsey spends so much time helping couples understand their own emotions, their money patterns, and how to dedicate themselves to moving forward with a healthy co-parenting plan — and the rest of their lives. Lindsey will guide you and your spouse through a step-by-step process while partnering with mental health experts and financial experts to create a sustainable agreement that fits the unique needs of your family.
This structured process was created to empower parties to go through the divorce process outside of court. The
entire process is focused on the best interest of the children and the financial future of the family as a whole. Many describe it as a holistic and healing process.


Wevorce involves the following:

  • Team Approach: A lead architect (lawyer/mediator), a financial architect (finaicial professional), and a co-parenting architect (a mental health professional).
  • Recommended use: option is efficient and holistic
  • Effect on Co-parenting: The Wevorce team helps the parties consciously make decisions that will facility their ability to co-parent later
  • Control: The parties make all of their own decisions related to the divorce without legal advice from an attorney, but with input from all of the professional neutral
  • Timing: An average process takes 90 days.

    Divorce Lawyer - Easterling LawAnd, like the collaborative and mediated forms of divorce, Wevorce is not good for people who are victims of domestic violence or do not feel safe in the presence of their spouse and truly need the protection of the legal system.