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Family Law Mediation

You deserve a personal approach to resolving your conflict; a skilled mediator can help.

Family law mediation can occur with your attorneys or without attorneys. A mediator with years of legal experience can make a big difference in your conflict resolution. 

Is mediation even possible for you? Is your case too personal or complicated? Mediation can be a highly effective process, especially if begun in the early stages of divorce, sometimes even before separating. Mediation is voluntary and requires that both parties meet with a neutral mediator to work cooperatively toward a mutually agreed settlement. In mediation, the mediator does not act as a judge and does not render a decision or make any recommendation. Instead, the mediator’s job is to maintain complete neutrality while encouraging the parties to move toward a settlement rather than going to court.

The neutral mediator is there to help people resolve their differences and create solutions. The two parties are frequently too far apart on an issue, and their attorneys cannot bridge the divide to negotiate a final settlement. The mediator works with the couple, and sometimes their lawyers, to help them acknowledge possible weaknesses in their position and think about compromises that might satisfy both parties.

Some of the benefits of mediation include:

Happy mixed ethnicity couple customers sign mortgage loan contract, smiling interracial husband and wife make insurance investment deal put signature on paper meeting broker bank agent insurer
  • Typically more affordable.
  • It puts the control in your hands, not a judge or jury.
  • More amicable process.
  • It is often less disruptive and destructive to families.
  • Better protects your privacy.
  • The parties can create their solutions and make their own decisions rather than let a judge decide their fate.

There is more than one way to resolve a dispute. Mediation may be a better alternative if you have reservations about the high cost and conflict associated with traditional litigation. A neutral third-party mediator helps parties find common ground and resolve disputes during mediation.

Easterling Law handles family and divorce mediation in two different ways:

1. as an attorney representing clients who want a neutral mediator to help them create a workable solution, and 

2. as a certified mediator who serves as a neutral problem solver with two people we do not already represent.

How can Easterling Law Help you?

In family law cases involving divorce, child custody, parenting time, support, property division, or alimony, mediation involves both parties setting aside time to address their issues with a trained, impartial mediator as they craft creative resolutions.  

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