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Thinking About Divorce? Consider These 5 Things Before You Make a Decision

Happily ever after isn’t always the case, and in today’s modern society getting divorced seems almost as easy as getting married. It’s not a decision to make lightly, as there are serious financial and emotional ramifications that come along with it. If you are certain you need to file for divorce, think about how these parts of your life might change.

Financial Changes
A divorce can be very costly, and the benefit of living in a two-household income will quickly go away. Are you living a lifestyle that requires extra income? How will your life change once you are the only one making any money? If you are ordered to pay spousal or child support after a divorce settlement, it could seriously impact your cash flow.

What Will Your Children Need?
There are certain things that every child is going to need when faced with the prospect of their parents’ divorce—reassurances of love and security, a clear plan, as much consistency as possible—but every child is unique, and it is essential that you think about how you can expect your child to react to your divorce based on their specific personality. You must consider the steps you will need to take to insure your child is placed in the best possible position to effectively process the oncoming changes and cope in a healthy manner. This could mean anything from simply opening a dialogue with your child and addressing all of their questions and concerns to seeking professional assistance in the form of a counselor or child psychologist who can help teach your child effective coping strategies.

Emotional Stressors
Even if you are the person initiating the divorce, the process will still take a toll both mentally and emotionally. Your family and friends might not support your decision or may even choose to stop communicating with you because of it. Keep in mind that at one point in time you were probably very in love with your spouse, and by deciding to divorce, you are placing a death sentence on any chance of the relationship recovering. Is divorce truly the best option, or are there other possible alternatives you can pursue first?

You Might Need To Move
Getting divorced has the potential to shake up every part of your life. Certain outcomes might dictate that you need to move out of the home that you and your former spouse were sharing. Are you ready to search for a new place on your own and work through all of the changes in your bills?

Will it Result in a Battle?
Alternative dispute resolution methods like collaborative law are helping to make amicable divorce a reality for more and more couples. Can you expect your spouse to dig in and fight you on every aspect of the divorce, or will you be able to work together towards a mutually beneficial resolution? This distinction will drastically impact the amount of time that you can expect your divorce to last. Prepare yourself for any number of possible ways your dissolution could proceed, including a drawn-out battle in court.

If you are considering filing for divorce, contact the skilled family law attorneys at Easterling Law. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you through every step of the divorce process.