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5 Red Flags That Your Marriage Might Be Headed for Divorce

Marriage can be wonderful, but when a relationship sours, it can be difficult to know the signs before it is too late. While all marriages have rough patches, if you notice any of these 5 red flags, it may signal that your marriage is headed for divorce. If you feel that your marriage may be ending, proactively consulting an experienced divorce lawyer can equip you with the tools you need to make a positive change.

1) You or your partner are unhappy
Although marriage can be difficult, overall you and your spouse should be happy both with yourself and with your marriage. If either of you is unhappy, it may be time to have a serious talk about the future of your marriage.

2) Lack of communication
Communication is a key part of any relationship and is especially vital to a healthy marriage. Lack of real communication can create distance in a marriage. If your partner isn’t open to discussing your marital issues, it could be a signal that all is not well.

3) Addiction
When one spouse is suffering from addiction, it can take a heavy toll on the marriage and the other spouse. Whether the addiction is in the form of alcohol, drugs, gambling, or any other unhealthy behavior, if your spouse refuses to seek help, it may mean that your marriage is ending.

4) Secretive behavior
While having some secrets in a marriage is normal, sudden and unexplained secretive behavior is not. Being secretive about text messages, emails, phone calls, or how they are spending their time are red flags that your spouse may be hiding something from you that could destroy your marriage.

5) Concern from friends and family
Sometimes third parties have the advantage of being able to see a situation more clearly than those who are directly involved. When friends and family urge you to end your marriage, they are coming from a place of love and have your best intentions in mind. While ultimately decisions about your marriage are between you and your spouse, concern from friends and family may cast a light on problems you overlooked.

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