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Back-to-School Tips for Co-Parents in the Age of COVID-19

Normally, preparing your child for the new school year with your ex-partner is an endeavor in and of itself. However, it is clear now that the coronavirus pandemic will be with us for quite some time. As a result, the 2020-21 school year will look different than those of years past. Regardless of how your school system proceeds with reopening, getting your child back in the swing of things with the other parent can go smoothly by following the tips contained in this blog post. 

  1. Does your child need back-to-school supplies? Coordinate with your ex. Again, back-to-school lists might look different this year, but this is still a significant expenditure that should not be handled by only one parent. Your divorce agreement might spell out how you need to divide these costs. If not, get with the other parent and be specific about which items you will buy for your child. 
  2. Make sure your child’s school and teachers know your situation. If your divorce is fairly recent and your child is still processing the changes that have taken place, it is a good idea to inform his or her teachers about this so they can anticipate potential problems with behavior and academic performance. Even if everything is humming along with your child and the overall co-parenting situation, make sure the school has the contact information for both parents and understands which one should be the primary contact. Teachers, guidance counselors, and principals don’t know what they don’t know. 
  3. Use apps and other electronic tools to coordinate schedules and events. With everything going on, this piece of advice is more important than ever. Going off of memory to remember who needs to pick up your child on which school days and from different extracurricular activities is sure to fail. There are a number of free apps to help you and your ex stay on the same page. 
  4. Above all, be communicative and flexible. As if it can’t be reiterated enough, these are truly unprecedented times. We understand that the mere thought of texting your ex about anything seems overwhelming, but your child deserves two parents who genuinely care about their education and overall wellbeing. As guidelines from local health agencies continue to change, be prepared to compromise with your ex about various co-parenting obligations. Through it all, make sure your child understands that you are there for them

It takes quite a bit of effort to become an effective co-parent, but you are more than capable of rising to the occasion. If things just don’t feel like they are working out, though, Easterling Law would be glad to help you negotiate with your ex and come up with a solution. We can also help during your divorce, custody battle, modification petitions, and other family law matters. Call us today at 980-272-1365 to discuss your options.