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How To Arrive At “Amicable”

Despite what you have heard, divorce doesn’t have to be a drawn-out battle—there doesn’t need to be a fight at all. Some people may push back because they know what they want from the divorce and aren’t willing to settle. 

If that is your position, consider this: fighting may only cause more conflict. Your actions have responses. By incorporating anger into your divorce process, you may be working against yourself. How likely will someone give you what you asked for if you instigated the battle? 

Divorcing amicably isn’t settling; it’s being a responsible adult. And both you and your spouse may walk away from the marriage on reasonable terms. These are some ways in which you can tailor your mindset towards an amicable dissolution to your marriage.

Walk Away From Fault

Ask yourself what you want. Are you driven to find your fulfilling resolution, or are you trying to take happiness away from your former spouse? Some people ask for things solely because they don’t want their spouse to have them—despite having no real attachment to the house, car, or another asset. 

Holding onto blame is the same as living in the past. By taking that anger out of the equation, you can focus on what is essential for you and your children. 

What Should The Result Look Like?

Focus on the end result. What is it that you hope to achieve? Some people just want enough money to support themselves and their children. Others have their goals centered around an asset such as a retirement account or a home. Regardless, these are the things you should tell your attorney.

After hearing what you want, we may explain what you have to offer or whether your request is within reason. Because there is are varying degrees of negotiations in the divorce process, give your attorney a compass to guide her. We will focus on that in our initial consultation: “What are your goals of this process?” 

Be A Parent

If you have heard of someone who gave up things in a divorce solely because it benefitted their children, what are your thoughts on that person? You would have difficulty finding anyone who thinks that isn’t the right thing to do. So be that person. 

Great parents never lose sight of what their children need and deserve. Don’t fall off that course because your marriage ended. With every step, ask yourself if your request or want is in the best interest of your child. If the answer is no, you will have a significantly easier time walking away from the thing you thought you needed. 

Easterling Law, PLLC

Another element of an amicable divorce is finding an attorney who will pursue this with you. Each attorney has a unique approach. At Easterling Law, we can assist you with your divorce while also focusing on keeping your children away from undue stress and fighting. To connect with an attorney, contact us today.