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How to Break the News of Your Divorce to Your Family

After a tremendous amount of thought, consideration, and sleepless nights, you have finally made the decision to divorce. This is a difficult but huge and necessary step toward pursuing a more positive future for you and your children. Now comes the task of telling everyone you’re close to of your decision to officially split from your spouse. You might be wondering, “How do I even start this process?” With this blog, we have provided some guidance on telling different people in your life to help make the process smooth and minimally stressful. 

Telling Your Children
This is arguably the most delicate part of the entire divorce process. Your children will take the news differently depending on their ages, but no matter if your child is five or seventeen, there are some actions you can take that will help them understand and process the news. 

  • If at all possible, sit down with your children and your soon-to-be-ex and tell your children the news. Prior to this meeting, you should nail down your message with your partner so everyone is on the same page. 
  • During the meeting, let your kids know that your divorce is NOT their fault and that this will not have any impact on you loving them. No matter what your feelings are toward your spouse, do not speak negatively about him or her to your kids. 
  • If you can, tell your kids how the divorce will affect their day-to-day routine – including where they will be staying and where you and your partner will be staying for the immediate future.

Telling Your Parents, Step-Parents, and In-Laws
Just as you did before you told your children, you should map out in advance what you will say. If you think it is feasible, you might want to consider gathering everybody together at once to break the news. Any reservations about conducting a meeting like that? There is nothing wrong with telling parental units individually. Depending on how close you are to your parents, you might want to share the majority of details with them or just the highlights. 

Telling Your Friends
Your true friends will support you through your divorce, making themselves available if you ever need to speak things through. The details you choose to share with your friends are up to you. Closer friends should get told first. Keep in mind that many of your friends might have grown attached to your spouse, so they might also need space to process the news. 

Telling Your Work Colleagues
Your workplace can be a hotbed for gossip, so it is worthwhile to think long and hard about whether you want to tell your co-workers. It is a good idea to let your boss know about your divorce, as you may need to take time off work to show up in court, attend mediation sessions, or go to other legal hearings. A good rule of thumb when telling people at work is to keep the announcement short and sweet. 

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