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How to Prepare for a Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

Just about every family law matter has to do with relationships. Even in divorce, when you are severing the main relationship in your life, you have another relationship to worry about: the bond with your attorney. Above all, you need to make sure that the attorney you go with can help you achieve your general objectives and efficiently handle the legal process. Finding the best fit for you means you need to do your homework before going to the initial consultation. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

  1. First of all, don’t price shop. Not all attorneys are the same, and this especially goes for family law attorneys. You might be tempted to save money in the interim by going with someone inexpensive, but there’s an old saying: a cheap attorney could be the most expensive mistake you ever make. What good are temporary cost savings if that means you don’t get as much alimony as you could have otherwise? If based on your financial situation, you are able to pick from several options when it comes to your attorney, it is highly recommended you try to categorize the price aspect of your divorce as only one aspect, and not the first focus.
  2. Ask good questions. Depending on your state of mind, you might not want to meet with your prospective attorney right away. A reasonable family law attorney understands how emotional the entire divorce process is, but it is still essential for you to gather yourself and think logically before you walk in the door to an attorney’s office. Some good questions to ask include:
  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What types of clients do you typically serve?
  • Do you focus on family law, or do you practice in other areas, as well?
  • Will I be working with anyone else in your office during my case?
  • Do you have a unique approach to handling divorces?
  1. Beware of red flags. Any guarantees about the results of the divorce process should automatically put you on alert. For example, someone who says he or she is 100 percent positive that you will end up with sole physical custody of your kids when the dust settles is overpromising. The only guarantee Easterling Law can (and should) make is that we promise to provide empathetic, diplomatic, informative, and supportive legal services during your divorce proceedings. 

If you are like many spouses who file for divorce, your spouse may be domineering, or a bully who never considers your feelings in any matter. In fact, this might be the main reason for your decision to divorce. Subconsciously, you might seek out an attorney who is the same way. Try your absolute best not to fall back into this familiar environment. Your relationship with your divorce attorney should be better than your relationship with your (soon-to-be) ex-spouse.

Easterling Law is caring and treats every one of our clients like family. We would be honored to meet with you to determine whether we would be a good fit to guide you through your divorce. Give us a call today at 980-272-136 to discuss your options.